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Free Domain

A domain - that was what I needed for my yet-to-be-launched website. I had it all thought out in my head. I had a website design and textual, visual and aural content strategy, I knew that I required a Linux-based website hosting solution and that I had to register a domain.

Asking Around Brings Results

My principal quandary was what domain name to choose for my website. It had to be easy-to-memorize, catchy, and, well, available for registration! I went through quite a few before I found one that was free to register, but then I noticed the shocking price, as I had settled on a .co.uk domain name. These country-specific Top-Level Domains are obviously more expensive than the widespread .com, .net, .org, etc. top-level domain names. With my restricted allowance, I just relinquished that idea and began contemplating finding a new hosting company. I revealed my idea to virtually everybody I knew who got an idea about web sites and the World Wide Web in general, so a friend of mine presented to me the site NTChosting.com and exclaimed: "There you go! Cut-price website hosting packages! And a free domain!"

I Discovered My Web Hosting Provider! Yay!

It goes without saying that in the beginning I thought that he was kidding, but he wasn't. These guys from NTChosting.com provide discounted website hosting packages - on shared servers, which does not seem to be a problem for small and mid-size websites. Additionally, they are United Kingdom-based, and have hosting servers in England. Well, not only - but also in North America, Sweden and Australia, but what I needed was a UK-based web hosting solution anyhow. The greatest bonus, though, is that they offer a free-of-cost domain name if you register for a year instead of paying on a monthly basis! That does not refer to .co.uk domain names, unfortunately, because they are registered for a period of 2 years by default, but .com, .net, .org, .eu and a few other domain names are offered for free, so how could I ignore this free offer?

I'm Enjoying My New Web Hosting Packages Provider!

With the free domain name registration and their modest domain and web hosting plan prices, these chaps attracted me. I did register and even came across a tool that could help me create my site - it is called Site Studio. A website building tool with - I did try calculating but lost count! - over 70 web themes excellent for both commercial and personal sites. Now, isn't that astonishing? And the bonuses do not stop there! I am one lucky girl! Well, enough chatter from me, I should proceed with the making of my web site magnum opus!